cacaFly uses AI and Google Cloud AI services to enhance customer experience, improve collaboration, and enable precise decision-making with predictive analytics for rapid market adaptation.

Google AI Tools Powering Enterprise Intelligence Upgrade

As markets evolve and cloud tech advances, businesses are increasingly adopting AI to innovate customer service. GCP’s AI cloud services streamline implementation, enabling a swift transition to the digital era.


Google Search Engine leads in data analysis and AI integration with vast user behavior data worldwide, especially in the AI and big data era.

Powerful Computing Performance

Can process queries or analyze data of TB/PB scale within a matter of seconds.

Built-in Comprehensive Features

GCP integrates machine learning for vision, video, translation, and natural language seamlessly into existing applications, reducing the need for extensive code writing.

Ease of Integration

GCP integrates extensive AI models, enabling quick machine learning setup with Vertex AI APIs. Minimal effort and ML expertise are needed to train high-quality custom models.

Integrating Hybrid Cloud Data

Using the BigQuery Omni feature to integrate data from Azure and AWS without the need to move data copies between different clouds.

GCP offers the most comprehensive AI/ML tools.

GCP’s AI/ML tools cut business R&D costs significantly. The cacaFly tech team uses GCP AI training tools to help clients train models or swiftly integrate default GCP models into existing services, fostering new business models for enterprises.

Vertex AI accelerates ML projects from concept to deployment, enhancing cost-effectiveness with features like prototype development, model deployment, data management, experimentation, model interpretation, and monitoring.

Video AI provides an easy-to-use interface, featuring pre-trained ML model APIs for quick analysis and identification of over 20,000 objects, locations, and actions in videos.

Utilizing Vision AI machine learning, images can be classified into thousands of predefined categories. Simply upload the image for analysis, set straightforward rules, and start the image classification process.

GCP offers ample GPU, TPU, and CPU performance, enabling businesses to conduct deep learning and machine learning models cost-effectively, effectively reducing hardware costs for enterprises.

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以 Google Cloud 為開發平台,組合大數據分析、AI 智能與機器學習工具,將幫助企業加速資料處理和報表產出速度,有效利用過往資料建置專屬的數據分析資料庫。

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