Cloud computing

cacaFly excels in Martech, providing end-to-end services for advertising, marketing, data, and cloud technology. With GCP’s versatile cloud services, including computing, storage, analytics, AI/ML, cacaFly facilitates seamless and secure digital transformation for businesses.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

GCP Cloud service satisfies your needs

Throughout the digital transformation, GCP provides diverse cloud services, enabling enterprises to select infrastructure tailored to different project needs, ensuring seamless service operations.




Compute Engine is a Google Cloud service providing customizable virtual machines to meet diverse computational needs. It allows users to tailor CPU, RAM, and disk specifications based on project requirements. With flexible configurations and load balancing capabilities, it ensures smooth operation of services, making it ideal for running various applications.

GKE, developed by Google, is a cloud service for Kubernetes (K8s) operations. It facilitates fast execution of containerized applications, provides control over nodes, and manages load balancing. The “Autopilot” feature automates cluster infrastructure management, easing the maintenance burden for developers.

GCP simplifies the migration of VMware architectures to the cloud, offering a seamless transition for enterprises looking to reduce maintenance burdens and leverage cloud flexibility. This integration opens up new possibilities for businesses adopting GCP’s cloud services alongside their VMware infrastructure.

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Using Google Cloud as the development platform, combining big data analytics, AI, and machine learning tools accelerates data processing and reporting. Effectively build a dedicated data analytics database for businesses.

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